General Information


General Information

SIIECS is seeking nominations for an early-career scientist (ECS) keynote speaker for the next ICES Annual Science Conference held in Gateshead, United Kingdom (9-12 September 2024). Please read the below information carefully and complete this survey form in full to nominate yourself or a suitable candidate. Nominations close on the 8th of December 2023 at midnight CET. The selected candidate will be contacted in within one month after the nomination period and is expected to confirm their availability within one week.

The Annual Science Conference (ASC) is an important event for ICES where the scientific community gathers to share the latest science developments. The ASC provides a platform for career building, networking and an opportunity to engage and recruit new people to the ICES community. ECSs provide important input and innovative perspectives into ICES and form a pivotal part of the community. By inviting an ECS keynote speaker, ICES acknowledges the contributions made by ECSs within the organisation, and showcases the important and progressive perspectives ECSs have to offer the scientific community.

Last year’s edition of this initiative brought us a captivating keynote by keynote by Dr. Marine Cusa, Policy Advisor, Oceana [ASC Keynote 2023 – New horizons in seafood traceability: When advances in molecular tools change the landscape]. We aim to build upon this success, and are looking for a passionate ECS to present their effort and talent in their research area as a keynote speaker.

Keynote speech format and content
The selected candidate will be asked to give a 45-minute live speech on the topic of their research. Any topics which fall under the ICES science plan are welcomed. The keynote speakers should focus the main part (~40 minutes) of their presentation on showcasing their scientific work. They are also encouraged to share some brief insights on their career path (max. 5 minutes) as a means to increase ECS visibility in the community.

The keynote speaker also has the opportunity to get feedback from an ICES mentor through one or two meetings where the ECS speaker can workshop their presentation ideas and skills.

Nomination process
Anyone may nominate a speaker (please notify the nominee), and ECS are also invited to nominate themselves.

A list of the nominee’s publications, presentations and outreach activities will be asked, along with a brief (1500 characters including spaces) letter highlighting the relevance of the nominee’s scientific topic to the ICES science plan, interdisciplinary aspects of the work and outreach, efforts.

Selection criteria
Nominees must be an ECS as defined by SIIECS (please refer to SIIECS resolution, page 9-12) and ideally be within 10 years of their degree conferral.

If a SIIECS ToR Leader or member is nominated or self-nominates for the keynote speech, then they will be excluded from the entire decision-making process in order to ensure impartiality.